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Waiting for a Breakthrough? Each one of us can attest to the fact that, we’ve prayed about a particular situation in our life and found ourselves hoping to see a positive change.

Most at times, waiting for a breakthrough. We sometimes wait over and over again and wonder why the answer hasn’t come yet. And some most times believe God is punishing them for something they must have done. And it’s because of that reason he isn’t answering our prayers.

One thing is certain: God is always saying something and before God moves, we will definitely have to wait. YES. It’s part of the deal, we have to wait. It could be a second, minutes, hour, days among others but the sure thing is, there is a wait. Waiting for answers is a part of life— Weather it be spiritual or physical, nobody gets out of it. So the question is not if we’ll wait, but rather how we’ll wait. And I believe how we decide to wait will determine how long it will take for us get our answers.


Ways to wait.

As a growing minister, i have come across two categories of people who wait upon the Lord. They are the unassertive waiters and the expectant waiters. The unassertive person, after the first try sits around waiting for the move of God. Of course at the initial stage, he or she believes something good will happen.

After a little attempt, he folds his hands and goes about waiting for the answer to pop up like magic. He puts in not much effort and sometimes even forgets about it. He shows no confident and forceful personality. After he waits for some time, he then gives up believing he waited and nothing good came out of it.

The expectant person on the other hand, is like a waiter who waits on a table at a restaurant to take up orders. He or she anticipates about receiving something. And always having or showing an excited feeling that something good is about to happen.

He is hopeful, believing the answer is somewhere around the corner, due to arrive any minute. This person is full of eagerness, believing His problem has been solved. Then starts thanking God for an answered prayer. He moves about expecting to find his answer anytime soon. He may wait for a while, but suddenly what he’s been waiting for happens.

Anticipate or expect it to happen:

Another name given to pregnant women is expectant mothers. Why because, they are expecting the promise of a baby. The pregnant woman prepares for the arrival of the baby the moment doctors declare her pregnant. Though she may not see the baby in her womb, she still believes and holds on to the fact that there’s a baby in her womb. She goes miles to buy important materials that will be necessary for the arrival of the baby. Believing that it’s a matter of time for the baby to come out and will wait for as long as it will take. She then wakes up every morning counting down the days.

We all know to wait means to remain in readiness for a purpose, to look for or to expect. Meaning, our act of waiting shouldn’t be wasteful by sitting hoping something will happen sometime soon.

Expect with faith

The moment we seek an answer from God or a solution to a problem, we need to eagerly wait for His answer. When our hearts and minds are eager to hear from God, It actually boosts our inner strength and also enables the Father to move.

Most at times, our waiting actually helps us prepare ourselves for the answer. Many of wouldn’t know what to do next when the answer arrives. This is because we are not prepared to handle the answer.

I admit sometimes, during the course of waiting,we feel like giving up but if only we can wait for just another second, we will see the move of God. I really love the saying of Rich Dad which goes like “you can always quit, so why quit now?” This saying should actually also encourage you whenever you are on a waiting period for anything you are expecting.

So don’t give up guys! Don’t stop believing! Keep having faith! Be full of hope! Don’t limit the move of God in your life, then surely you will see His move. Be blessed in your walk with God.

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M. Talmage Moorehead

Much wisdom in this post. Thank you for exploring the subtle difference between active and passive trust in God. For everything there is a season. Usually complex issues don’t have simple binary solutions. Rarely they do.

By the way, I love your black background with white lettering. For some reason it’s easier for me to read than the other way around. 🙂

Frank Chisom

Yh.. M.Talmage, just what I was thinking….
Sometimes, we treat God like a shopping list. That should stop. When we grow in maturity and start acknowledging God in his true nature, our lives will surely see the most tremendous growth.

Also concerning the background, it cool. Some also prefer the white background. From the look of your site, I see you are really a fan of dark backgrounds.. 😉

M. Talmage Moorehead

I could use some tremendous growth right now. 🙂

Frank Chisom

“I could use some tremendous growth right now. 🙂”

M. Talmage what do you means?
Tremendous growth in what?

M. Talmage Moorehead
Well, there are a lot of areas where I need God’s help in a big way. I’d like to figure out which direction to take my writing, for one thing. I love writing fiction, but it takes forever to make a point, and then it’s not necessarily considered a serious point because it’s part of a novel. Characters say all kinds of crazy things, so no one knows exactly what the author is trying to say. But writing nonfiction seems to demand that a person stand up and pretend he/she’s got things all figured out. I don’t. I’ve got some… Read more »
Jane Love

There’s so much wisdom in this post. I love your writing style. It’s so friendly and yet information rich.
And i agree – actively trusting in God is the best.

Jane Love

@ M.Talmage @ Frank Chisom
It’s a really cool background. Such sites are hard to find. Very unique.