Where Is That Your God? Dead or Alive

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Where is your God? Let Him show up before me now; or else, I won’t believe that He exists. Let Him perform this miracle or He is a dead one. not a living one.

Many agnostics most a times put forth such “logical” questions to deny God’s existence. This phenomenon isn’t at all new. Its been there and been used for ages; And still being used in recent times. Since the dawn of creation, Gods authority has been challenged. Due to the quest of superiority and the desires to “own” it all.

Although there’s been instances where God’s existence has been proven, there are still those who continuously deny His concept. Who He is and what He is. Only because they want to be seen as the Lord of all. 

Such people create an atmosphere where the mind is trained to be agonistic. Thereby preventing people from practicing devotional life.  And creating circumstances which makes Lord seem dead.

One of their important characteristics is not just to dislike God or prove Him dead but to want all others to dislike Him as well.

Today, the question might not be direct as to “who is your God“. But someway somehow, circumstances posses such a question. Spiritual subjects or matters are no longer considered in educational institutions. With some institutions not wanting anything like christian clubs or prayers on campuses. Failing to give the young mind opportunities to know the Lord more and understand His ways.

And those who dare to try are often discouraged and mocked, hence putting a stop to it. Just like Israel struggled with idolatry, so are today’s Christian struggling with this.

Repeatedly inviting Gods displeasure by their dual allegiance.

Christians might not necessarily bow down to a stone or tree or any man-made object as their gods. But just the mere facts of them placing other “creations” before the “creator” makes them Idolator’s.

Elijah saw the state of Israel’s dual allegiance and challenged them to settle the issue as to who or what their god was.

And this is no different from the Church today. In as much as we might not cave any stone or tree, the church must settle the issue as to who and where our God is – since some Christians are bent on limiting His move and making Him seem dead. And also not being neither Hot nor Cold but Lukewarm.

No wonder the heavens and the earth will forever love Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego. I mean, have you at all sat down to think about what those three guys did 🙂 ?. They more than proved the existence of God.

They weren’t that privileged to have God’s spirit dwell in them 24/7. But yet still they proved Him. How much more us who now have the spirit dwelling in us?

Its so obvious when everyone is seated in class and you happen to be the only one standing. It makes the teacher question you as to why you are standing.

Same happened with these 3 guys. They were the only ones standing when everyone had bow down to the gods.

These three guys were so grounded in faith that, they showed no fear. In fact, they had no assurance as to whether God will save them or not. God seemed to have been mute in their case. But yet still, they were willing to die for God than to bow down to one created gods.

They knew one thing. Whether or not God reveals Himself, they have tasted and seen the power of God. And at Gods own time, the king and his people will also taste it. Be it bitter or sweet.

They still didn’t change their confession when the fire got heated more and more. And God also didn’t disappoint them but proved Himself alive at the end.

Am not at all saying you should take up all challenges to prove your God. No. But flow with the spirit and you will know what to do at the right time. And what to say when.

Allow Yourself To Know God

Just for once, wouldn’t it be lovely for someone to simply show you the evidence for God’s existence? No statements of, “You just have to believe.”

There are people who have had sufficient evidence as to the existence of God but yet suppress the truth about God.

Selfish interests  and discrimination have corrupted and interrupted religion. With many people moving away from faith as they notice their creed serves as tool for dominance and richness. However, instead of denying the undeniable existence of God, we should refuse the inconsistent creeds and seek Him.

Knowing that others lack understanding about the Lord and His creations. Don’t simply deny His existence. But rather, its with understanding that faith cometh with.

Relax, Release yourself and Jesus will find you for you to accept Him

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I love this post. And the moral lessons it comes with.Its high time people accept the God of the Bible and stop pulling others to perish with them. if they are willing to perish, they should perish alone and leave others.
Bless you


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Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

It forever beats me that someone should question the existence of God.