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Enduring or Enjoying?

When you take a closer look at the things you do each and everyday and the effort you put in them, would you say  you are enduring or enjoying them? When you start looking from the angle of marriage, work, school,  relationship among others, would you still say you are enduring instead of enjoying or enjoying instead of enduring?

Would you consider what you do as a waste of time or investment? Would you frown or better still smile because of what you find yourself doing or the circumstances around you?

Do you spend the whole day at work feeling crappy, but yet still do it because you have no option? Do you find yourself still in that(union) marriage because its a better or worse affair? or Do you keep going to school because daddy or mommy insist you do?

Now the big question is, how does that enduring make you feel? How does enjoying what you do and the conditions you are in make you feel? Do you feel like running a race which has no finish line?  And if you could choose, which would you choose (To keep enjoying or to keep enduring)? and with what reason?

You know, most people have come out with different reasons as to why they endure certain things and others with reasons why they enjoy certain lifestyles, but we realise that no matter what the reasons, it all still boils down to YOU, YOU and YOU only.

In as much as you may deny it, you’ve had the choice of choosing whether you want to endure or to enjoy every single day actively and happily. Happiness is a choice, and the door to happiness has no key because its always opened. If you’ve come to the conclusion where you’ve realised enough is enough, then you must let powers change hands, for if you want to see a different result, change your mind and try something new; don’t be resistant to change.

Some people seems to be enjoying life always. Always counting their blessings and naming them one by one, appreciating and living life like there’s no tomorrow. They also seem to find solutions to challenges and overcome setbacks. While on the other hand, some people seem to endure life. Finding life very difficult, not being able to afford a meal for a day, things not working out in their relationships or marriages, no work to do to earn a living or no capital for a start up or other factors.

There are different people with different attitude towards life. Some seem able to bounce back when they fall and others find it much harder. Learn to see the brighter side of things and in all cases, learn to weigh from different angles; focusing on happiness, even in your darkest hours.Not giving in to fear or being consummated by fear.

Start to express a positive spirit towards what you do. Figure out the best way to understand things and most importantly and above all, FIND JESUS BY SEEKING HIM. For us to enjoy and not endure, we must involve God in our daily responsibilities and activities and not exclude him. Anything other than this will just make us endure rather than enjoy.

Life is to be enjoyed and not endured due to the finished work of Christ.

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