Ways to Building And Challenging Your Inner Strength

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No matter how low we think of ourselves, i can attest to the fact that deep down, we all posses that mighty inner strength to overcome challenges, tribulations and trials of life.

Throughout my life journey, I have realized that one of the things that help people attain higher heights are their inner strengths. What others also term as “resilience”. This inner strength has the ability to cope with all sort of situation life is willing to throw to us. And until we build and challenge it, we wouldn’t be able to cope with the stressful situations of life.

Like its said, lack of knowledge we perish. And due to our lack of knowledge about who we are and what we are made of, we keep diminishing.

The point is this, till we know who we are, we can’t do much about our inner strength. Because we wouldn’t know what we have hidden in there.

And to discover and build this inner strength, you need to be grounded with the word of God. Surprised??? Don’t be. I know there are other proven ways which will be discussed later – am not against what them. In fact, they did help me. The only thing is, for all other ways to work; for you in building your inner strength, you need the “Word” as your foundation.

The “Word” is your mirror and the more you mediate on it, the more you know who you are and what God has instill in you. Helping you see your own speck and putting things right in your life.

Yes!!! in as much as we need our physical mirror, so do we need the Word of God to build us from the inside.

I know many are aware of how low their inner strength is. Yet, they often place emphasis on their external factors like their physical fitness and the likes.

However, without a strong support from the inner strength, none of the external factors will truly get you were you want to be. I believe the key to build external success comes from the inside.

Here are my tips to building up your inner strength.

 1. Learn to Relax

When you are in the process of building your inner strength, you don’t need to rush into everything. You don’t need to take up all challenges you know little or nothing about. Rather, take things one at a time; Knowing your capabilities. Its important you meet your next task fully prepared. So instead of rushing into things, you can relax and prepare yourself by praying, reading motivational books etc.

2. Train your mental, emotional body, and physical self

A positive mindset will get you through the roughest times.

That’s why bible says, be ye not conformed to the standards of this world, but be renewed inwardly.

The world has no best offer for you. That’s why a positive mindset,attitude and altitude is needed for your growth. Mingle with visionaries and seek to also learn more and ask questions for clarifications.

3. Decide and act.

To challenge your inner strength, you need to decide on what exactly it is you want to do. Plan towards it, commit yourself and then act. Keep being committed no matter the number of times you failed in the best. Remember, failing is an opportunity to start more intelligently.

4. Don’t let fear be a factor in your life and in decision making.

I just dislike it so much when i see reject excellent opportunities due to fear. I mean how can you know what you are capable of if you’ve made “i can’t do it” as your anthem. Always thinking something will go wrong? That’s just bad. I do understand sometimes we need to consider the pros and cons of our actions but you need to be self aware and self conscious too. If fear is what is keeping you from taking your next step, then you are just allowing it to defeat you.

Prevent fear from derailing your growth.

5. Take responsibility

To take responsibility means to own up to your actions. Whether there will be a consequence or not. Its one of the most important tip to building your inner strength. Never go back on your words because you don’t want to accept mistakes. Rather acknowledge it, know were you made the mistake and make adjustments were necessary.

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